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Adjustable Moonstone Ring

Adjustable Moonstone Ring

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The Adjustable Moonstone Ring is a versatile and enchanting piece of jewelry that showcases the beauty of moonstone gemstones. Here are some potential features of the Adjustable Moonstone Ring:

  • Moonstone Gemstone: The ring features a mesmerizing moonstone as its centerpiece. Moonstone is known for its ethereal glow and iridescent shimmer, symbolizing intuition, balance, and new beginnings.
  • Adjustable Band: The ring is designed with an adjustable band, allowing you to easily resize and customize the fit according to your finger size and preference.
  • High-Quality Material: The ring is typically crafted from durable metals such as as non-tarnish, stainless steel, ensuring longevity and a polished appearance.
  • Elegant and Timeless Design: The Adjustable Moonstone Ring often boasts a simple and elegant design, allowing the moonstone to take center stage and adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
  • Versatile Styling: The ring can be worn alone as a statement piece or stacked with other rings for a trendy and personalized look. Its adjustable nature also makes it suitable for gifting or sharing between family and friends.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Significance: Moonstone is believed to enhance emotional well-being, intuition, and inner strength. Wearing the Adjustable Moonstone Ring can serve as a reminder of these qualities and provide a sense of calm and balance.


  • Diameter: adjustable, 0.7inch - 0.9inch
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